Patients Stories from Success by Design

“I saw this photo on facebook. I had always known I was big- and getting bigger, but this photo truly stopped me in my tracks.  I told myself,  “I have to DO something”. I already had been told my blood pressure was borderline and my cholesterol levels were “on the high side”.  I was badly unfit. I had strangely convinced myself that my clothes were shrinking in the laundry!!!!!

I had depression. I was tired 24/7. Of course, it doesn’t help that I work night shifts too so I already was fighting fatigue… I was having awful migraines almost every month. Let me just tell you that Imitrex is NOT CHEAP!!!!

I also had to take prilosec. I have hypothyroidism. I really found it very easy to sleep and stay in bed and not do anything at all. I knew I had to do something- and that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed some help! So my friend had recommended Sherri and the good people at Success by Design. I had nothing to lose but a ton of weight so I went in there and have never looked back.

I never in a million years would think I would be able to stick at it like I have. Many of my friends will tell you how I have laughed at them for eating “rabbit food and fresh air”….. But I went in for my first appointment and sat there laughing as I browsed through the information brochure thinking this is going to be my new way of life….how will I ever do it????? I must be the most un-domestic person I know!!!

My first shopping trip to the grocery store took me forever as I had nothing at home to start with, I HATE HATE HATE cooking, I HATE taking the time to prepare food…… But I stood there and told myself I have to get on with it. So I did. I have learned so much! I started to lose weight very quickly!!!

It is all now second nature to me. I read labels. I know what to look for and what to avoid. I do NOT feel deprived at all!!!!!! It is unbelievable…but it’s true. I have been taking my own meals to work, and yes, I do prepare it myself. I have found lots of easy ways to prepare my own food with not much stress.

Let me just say that I could not have done this at all without lots and lots of help and support. My friends have been incredible! But the weekly visits to Success by Design have really got me through a lot of tough times and have really been wonderful. I also have a lot of new friends at the clinic because they are all awesome people!

If I can do it ANYBODY can! Thanks so MUCH Success by Design!!” -Annie U.

“I came into Success by Design because of my listed symptoms and because I heard great things about Dr. Horner and the staff.  At first, I was only interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy but was also looking at diet as well. After completing the necessary labs I started HRT and diet modification without prescribed supplements. I was using Xenadrine and told Dr. Horner who suggested I not use that product anymore and to give the HRT a chance to get me motivated and the diet to help as well. After a month I noticed a big change in my attitude and feelings. I began losing weight slowly. I then asked to try prescribed supplements. I was cleared by EKG and began with the supervised diet supplements with the HRT. This proved to be a great decision. My energy began to increase within a few months. I was eating better and not craving foods that were not good for me. I continued to have more energy and was using that energy in the gym and by walking most days.  I only had to use the appetite suppressants for a few months to get me started.

Just over one and half years later, I weighed in last week at 206 and body fat of 22%. Everyone has noticed I am back in shape and I am much happier.

People find it hard to believe I am 50 years old, and I truly do not feel it!   My hair strangely seems to have lost most of its gray and is actually looks the same from 20 plus years ago. My high blood pressure is gone and I am off the blood pressure medication now for 3 months. My labs are all normal.  I am not depressed about how I look and feel. My sleep is so much better that I hardly need my alarm clock to wake. My Libido is just like when I was 20. I owe all this to Dr. Horner and her staff for all the positive encouragement and support.

I am now back in the gym to add muscle and I plan on doing body sculpting at Succuess by Design for my abs and flanks (progress pictures to come).

I strongly recommend anyone thinking about HRT and diet to come to Success for an assessment and join up. It is truly life changing!” -Mike L.